Postal Union Congress.

Issued 10 May 1929. Postal Union Congress.
Issued to commemorate the 9th Congress of the Universal Postal Union, held in London. Designed by John Farleigh (?d and 2?d), Ernest Linzell (1d and 1?d) and Harold Nelson (?1). Printed in recess by Bradbury, Wilkinson (?1) and in letterpress by Waterlow (others). All values were issued in sheets, the ?1 in sheets of 20 (4 x 5) and others in sheets of 240 (12 x 20). The ?d, 1d and 1?d values were also issued in coils and in 2 booklets, the booklet panes from sheets of 240 (4 panes of 6 x 10) and with half the cliches inverted. The 3 “second stamps” below have watermark sideways and are from coils only; the 3 “third stamps” have inverted watermark and are from booklets only. Arabic gum, size 45mm x 39mm (?1) and size 21mm x 24mm (others). WM Large GVR Script (?1) and WM Block Cypher (others). The Large GVR Script is a new watermark. Perf 12 (?1) and perf 15 x 14 (others)
The ?1 value was issued primarily to provide a reasonable gift to Congress delegates. The inland letter rate remained at lid for 2 ounces.

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